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Size guide


The best way to find your ring size, is to get your finger measured at a goldsmith. Please note the size can variate depending on the design of the ring.

SIZE - Inner diameter

36 11,5 mm
37 11,8 mm
38 12,1 mm
39 12,4 mm
40 12,7 mm
41 13,1 mm
42 13,4 mm
43 13,7 mm
44 14,0 mm
45 14,3 mm
46 14,6 mm
47 15,0 mm
48 15,3 mm
49 15,6 mm
50 15,9 mm
51 16,2 mm
52 16,6 mm
53 16,9 mm
54 17,2 mm
55 17,5 mm
56 17,8 mm
57 18,1 mm
58 18,5 mm
59 18,8 mm
60 19,1 mm
61 19,4 mm
62 19,7 mm
63 20,1 mm
64 20,4 mm
65 20,7 mm
66 21,0 mm
67 21,3 mm
68 21,6 mm
69 22,0 mm
70 22,3 mm


Our short necklaces in length 43 cm are designed with to extra eyelets, in order for you to adjust the length and make it even shorter. Your local goldsmith or the personnel in our LINE&JO Boutiques can help move the lock permanently to the inner eyelet, if wanted.

Size guide for LINE&JO necklaces

Chain bracelets

Our delicate chain bracelets are designed with two extra eyelets in order to adjust the bracelet for a perfect fit. If preferred, your local goldsmith or the personnel in our LINE&JO Boutiques can remove the extra joints.

Size guide for our chain bracelets


Your bangle can be adjusted so it fits perfectly. Vi recommend you have a professional goldsmith to make the adjustment, so the bangle does not get out of shape or break.

Size guide for bangles: size 1
Bracelet size guide: size 2
Size guide for bangles: size 3


We always recommend booking a piercing consultation or contacting our piercer via email prior to getting pierced. The length of the stem varies depending on placement and anatomy, but there are some guidelines for standard sizes in which you can trust:

Piercing stem

Tragus 6mm 8mm
Helix 4mm 6mm, 8mm
Faux rook 4/5mm 7/8mm
Conch 4/5mm 8/10mm
Lip 7mm 10/12mm
Nose/Nostril 6mm 8mm
Earlobe 5/6mm 8mm
Forward helix 4/5mm 6/7mm
Flat helix 4mm 7mm

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Made to order

This piece is made to order.

Our goldsmiths will specially make this piece for you, when you order it. Therefore, the item cannot be returned or exchanged, and please expect longer shipping time than usual.

Please declare the name of the piece in the email as well as the desired size if possible.

Thank you.