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For me, responsibility is very much about designing a piece of jewellery that is well-balanced with respect for the craft techniques used in creating it. The customer should be able to use their jewellery through many years, of course with wear and tear in mind, if you don’t give the piece a break now and then, as jewelleries are utility items that require you to wear them with care.

The goal is to create jewellery that you can use throughout your life and that can be passed down. It requires really good craftsmanship and respect for the design process.

For me, it is important to make an effort to design jewellery with a long lifespan and by that it is easier to avoid unnecessary overproduction, which I see as one of the major climate challenges the earth is facing.

It must be a piece of jewellery, you can take out of your jewellery box again after a long time without it having lost its color, but is so well-designed that it is a voice from the period in which it was designed. That is good design and craftsmanship for me.


With love Line Hallberg, Goldsmith & Creative director

RJC certification

All LINE&JO jewellery is produced under RJC certification.

Our workshop is a certified member of the ‘Responsible Jewellery Council’ (RJC), an international, non-profit organization established to reinforce consumer confidence in the jewellery industry by advancing responsible business, ethical and environmental practices throughout the jewellery supply chain.

Companies whose business involves silver, gold, platinum, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds can become members of RJC provided they pass a certification audit. The areas, examined by an outside auditor, include: legal and financial compliance; responsible supply chains; human rights; labour rights; health and safety; environmental safety; social responsibility; community development; and product disclosure.

Approximately 1,600 companies from more than 70 countries have membership status, and more than 1,000 are certified.RJC certified member


Our workshop is a certified member of the Thai ‘Collective Action against Corruption’ (CAC).

The Thai Collective Action against Corruption (CAC) was established in Thailand in 2010, to create a critical mass of clean and transparent companies in the private sector, to resist and fight bribery and corruption by uplifting standards of compliance.

To date more than 1,000 companies have joined, and approximately half that number has been already certified by independent audit companies who inspect their operations.

CAC certified

UN Global COMpact

The workshop is also a Signatory to the UN Global Compact’ (UNGC) is the world’s largest group of companies, working to align the way they do business with universal principles on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption.

Started in 2000, it is supported by more than 15,000 companies from over 165 countries around the world.  These companies also take strategic actions to advance broader societal goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Global compact

When buying LINE&JO jewellery, you are enhancing and not exploiting the lives of other human beings

It has a positive impact on sustainable economic development in other communities

The environment is not harmed by the manufacturing of LINE&JO jewellery.