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7 – 12 years

Getting your first ear piercings as a child can be a scary and traumatic experience if not handled correctly. We choose to extend our appointments for children to 45 minutes instead of the normal 30 minutes, so that our staff has plenty of time to make the piercing procedure as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, we highly recommend coming in for a short consultation time prior to the piercing appointment, if your child is nervous or scared. During this time, the child and the piercer have the opportunity to meet each other, establish trust, and the child can become familiar with the space and be introduced to the piercing procedure. This is not required, but can be very helpful for us to provide the best experience possible.

We do not pierce children under the age of 7 as the anatomy is still in development and the position may “shift” as the child ages, which can result in unbalanced or migrated piercings. The child must be able to consent to getting pierced.

We do not pierce, if numbing cream has been used before the appointment. Read more about this in our Piercing Salon FAQ.

At LINE&JO, all of the products that come in contact with our clients during the piercing procedure are pre-sterilized in an autoclave that is handled by our skilled staff. Our piercing methods include single use, sterile needles, implant grade titanium or 14 karat solid gold. By only using sterile and biocompatible/hypoallergenic materials, we ensure a clean and safe environment for our clients.

13 – 16 years

There are no legal restrictions regarding piercings for minors or young adults but at LINE&JO, we require parental consent for any individual under the age of 16. This applies regardless if you have gotten pierced before, and comes with no exceptions.

If you have a requirement for more time, for any given reason, we recommend making an appointment as a child of 7 to 12 years old. Within this option, there is more time to answer any question you may have.

If there is a specific concern or reason for choosing this appointment, we ask you to specify them in the booking notes.

If you have any questions, please contact our professional piercers at or visit our Piercing Salon FAQ.