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We are very pleased to welcome you in our LINE&JO Piercing Salon in our Copenhagen and Lyngby boutiques and occasionally piercing events in our Aarhus boutique.

We have created a feminine and luxurious space where modern goldsmithery meets the exquisite art of piercing.

Prices from 450 DKK

Ear lobe 300/500 DKK
Cartilage 400/700 DKK

Titanium 150 per piece
Gold titanium 200 per piece

Opening hours of our piercing salons


Monday – Wednesday: 13.00 – 17.30
Thursday – Friday: 12.00 – 17.30
Saturday: 11.00 – 15.00


Wednesday – Thursday: 13.00 – 17.30
Friday: 13.00 – 18.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 15.00


May 27: 11.00 – 17.30
May 28: 11.00 – 15.00
June 17: 11.00 – 17.30
June 18: 11.00 – 15.00


The art of ear piercing is a fundamental inspiration to LINE&JO. From our creation in 2007 LINE&JO have desired to push the limits of how ears can be adorned. In line with the high standards and quality of LINE&JO Fine Jewellery, in our Piercing Salon we will do our outmost to both inspire and guide you based on a very high level of professionalism. We believe that beautifully pierced ears are obtained through careful thought and consideration and we will happily assist you whether you visit the salon for your first earlobe piercing or for a daring one in other parts of the ear.


A professionally trained piercer performs the piercing. Through attentive dialogue and planning, we aid you in deciding on the position, so that you may obtain a well balanced and beautiful look – now and in the future. We pierce with sterile single-use needles only and live up to the highest standards of hygiene.

The possibilities are the following delicate selection:

We currently offer piercing jewellery in titanium. Depending on your choice of ear piercing, we will recommend the shape of jewellery so that we obtain the best result for your piercing in the healing process. Once your piercing has healed, you will be ready to decorate your ears with the full universe of beautiful LINE&JO fine jewellery.


Avoid touching your piercing with your fingers.

If you touch your piercing you increase the risks of infection. A piercing is like a splinter under your skin which your body will naturally try to reject. Therefore it’s extremely important that you cleanse your piercing two times a day with saltwater until your body has accepted the new piercing. Never twist your piercing either as it needs time to settle.

Sleep on a clean pillow cover. Avoid sleeping directly on the piercing as it might swell up and in worst case the piercing jewellery might change the position of the piercing and not heal correctly – even though the piercing was performed correctly. The skin is very soft and sensitive towards the constant pressure when lying with your head on the pillow sleeping. In some cases we recommend sleeping on your back to avoid the potential pressure on your new piercing.

Healing time varies for each piercing and is different from person to person, but as a pointer our experience is the following:

Healing time for classic earlobe piercings 6-8 weeks

Other piercings 8 -12 months

If you bruise easily, please be aware that you might experience a small, blue mark where the piercing has been performed if the needle hits a small blood vessel. This is not dangerous and is only temporary.

We recommend you not eating fish oil supplements prior to having the piercing performed, as fish oil works as a blood thinning agent and it could therefore prove more difficult to stop the bleeding.

Children of 16 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or present a valid power of attorney.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write our piercer at

Read more about jewellery care.



We always recommend booking a piercing consultation or contacting our piercer via email prior to getting pierced. The length of the stem varies depending on placement and anatomy, but there are some guidelines for standard sizes in which you can trust:

Tragus 6mm, 8mm
Helix 6mm, 8mm
Rook 8mm, 10mm
Conch 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Daith 6mm, 8mm
Nose/Nostril 6mm, 8mm
Earlobe 6mm, 8mm

Book a Piercing

The L. Collection is not launched until May 20. If you wish to be pierced with this jewellery, please make sure to book an appointment after May 20.

Please note that our piercer will analyze your ear, in order to determine if the jewellery fits your anatomy.

Made to order

This piece is made to order.

Our goldsmiths will specially make this piece for you, when you order it. Therefore, please expect longer shipping time than usual.

Please declare the name of the piece in the email as well as the desired size if possible.

Thank you.