Congratulations on your new LINE&JO jewellery.

LINE&JO is goldsmith craftsmanship of the highest quality. Our jewellery is lasting memories, designed to symbolize the unforgettable events of your life. As the jewellery is used for many years, the precious metals, gemstones and pearls require proper care and maintenance. With the right care your fine jewellery will be a memory for life.

– All LINE&JO jewellery is made of the precious metal sterling silver or solid 14 karat gold. Precious metal is a soft material that cannot withstand hard knocks. Therefore, take care of your jewellery.
– Slender rings, bracelets and necklaces are delicate and must be handled with care. Consider this jewellery as a delicate silk shirt that you wear with caution and take extra care of not to tear.
– Pearls are organic and soft materials. Avoid hitting hard surfaces as the pearls can be scratched and avoid exposure to chemicals as the pearls will loose their shine.
– Take off your jewellery before you wash your hands and/or use lotion, perfume or hair spray, as it makes your jewellery dull. Be aware that you can get a skin rash, if your skin is not properly dry before putting on jewellery.
– Take off your jewellery before any kind of bathing, sports and rough manual work.
– Take on your jewellery as the last item when you get dressed. Take off your jewellery as the first item when you undress. In this way jewellery will not get entangled in your clothes.
– Take off your jewellery before going to bed.
– Do not pull chains or yank the jewellery. The jewellery cannot tolerate this. Be careful that long chains are not getting stuck in protruding objects such as faucets, bicycle seats and machines.
– Untie knots on chains as soon as they occur.
– Check the locks of the jewellery periodically and be aware that you twist all locks and round earrings sideways when using them.
– Remember to have your jewellery checked at your local gold smith periodically. Especially chains, locks, solderings and jewellery settings should be checked as they become worn and may break.

Sterling Silver, Solid Gold and gemstones
– Put the jewellery in lukewarm water added a little dish soap. Use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove dirt from the jewellery. Rinse the jewellery thoroughly in clean water. Gently wipe the jewellery clean with a soft cloth.

– Wipe pearls with a soft and slightly damp cloth. Never use a brush and do not use any chemicals.

– Always store your LINE&JO jewellery in their jewellery boxes or on LINE&JO’s specially designed jewellery stand. In this way, you can store your jewellery in a beautiful and orderly manner.
– Store jewellery separately so that chains are not tangled and the pieces of jewellery do not scratch each other. Polished and silk matt ruthenium coated surfaces are particularly sensitive.
– Store your pearls separately from other jewellery. Pearls have a soft surface that can easily get scratched.
– Do not store jewellery in your wallet as coins and keys scratch and destroy the jewellery.

LINE&JO jewellery is fine and delicate and we encourage you to take proper care of your fine jewellery. We take no responsibility for careless use and storage.