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Behind the craft: Fragments of Sicily


RICILY TWO in 18 karat solid gold set with 1×0,21 ct tw vvs and 26×0,01 ct tw vvs brilliant cut diamonds.


Goldsmith Line Hallberg invites you into her design process and paints the picture of jewellery trends in 2023.

Delicate pearl necklaces, edgy rings and exclusive piercing jewellery – all items emphasizing the current fashion trends and movements. But what makes a jewellery trend? What is the inspiration behind and what drives the making of the pieces? Goldsmith and founder of the Copenhagen-based brand LINE&JO, Line Hallberg, invites you into the process of her work, sources of inspiration and how she challenges her craft that originates from ancient European traditions.



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Ring<br> RICILY ONE gold diamondRing<br> RICILY ONE gold diamond


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Ring<br> RICILY TWO gold diamondRing<br> RICILY TWO gold diamond


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The masterful craft behind

Jewellery is an inevitable part of the Danish fashion scene today, as well as how we portray ourselves and tell small, unique stories through our personal style. However, what we decorate ourselves with season after season is far from arbitrary. Because behind every piece of jewellery is a goldsmith who has meretriciously sketched out and moulded your new favourite piece to wear, and this process is exactly what goldsmith Line Hallberg wants to unravel through her collection FRAGMENTS OF SICILY.

“In my collection, FRAGMENTS OF SICILY, I’ve delved into the opulent architectural treasures that tell the story of Sicily. It’s a journey into the idioms and symbolism that equally decorates and manifests the island’s rich cultural heritage.” The goldsmith explains.

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Ornamentations from the Sicilian architecture photographed by Line Hallberg during her latest visit to the island.

Pushing industry boundaries

It is through a deep passion for materials, European techniques and aesthetics, combined with the urge to push boundaries within the norm-bound Danish industry, that Line Hallberg creates her jewellery.

“I love the fact that we live in a time with disruption and rebellion towards old-fashioned ways and rules, which the current fashion scene also heavily shows through the breaking of social constructs. This is also what has driven me to go back to the beginning of civilization and recontextualise it with a more current vision in my recent collection. With the abilities of my own hands, I’ve crafted two rings in solid gold that delicately wrap themselves around the finger of the wearer, creating small sculptural pieces. Both rings have been finished off with brilliants that reference the most pristine traditions and show the harmony that is created when a piece is truly handcrafted.” Line Hallberg says.

The fact that the inspiration for the goldsmith’s latest collection emerges from Sicily tells a story much deeper than just another sunny holiday. It tells the story of a deeply rooted legacy within design and architecture that points back in time and the historical ways of sublime craftsmanship.

”Design is an aspect of life I am constantly reminded of. A fundamental way of viewing the world where I continuously analyze my surroundings and the detail richness on a subconscious level. This is also the reason why I feel so incredibly privileged and honoured to have been able to learn a traditional craft – an art form that has been passed on through generations. Something that, unfortunately, is slowly getting erased through the power of 3D drawings and prints, which only makes me feel even more connected with my craft and the fact that I’m able to pour both soul and a raison d’être into my jewellery through the physical process of creation.” optimize 10

Just like the symbolic meaning of the spiral, RICILY ONE and TWO are made to be worn and perceived multiple.

A cultural curiosity

It’s the respect for the craft combined with an endless curiosity towards other cultures that makes it possible for the jewellery designer to gather inspiration from objects such as intricate glass beads, door hinges and windows. All bits and pieces that are reimagined into stunning new jewellery back home in Copenhagen and emphasize the craft’s ability to connect people, history and nature all in one. An aspect that’s also vividly present in the designs of the collection.

“The symbolic and aesthetic fascination of spirals has been compelling through time all around the world. The shape originates from nature and can be found in everything from shells to leaves and the magnificent sky and can carry the meaning of things such as progress, life and optimism. It’s the way the spiral, its beauty and many connotations come together as small divine tales that have always fascinated me and ultimately influenced the collection.